A pun-dit (pun’dit) is a highly knowledgeable expert. Globalpundits are experts at recruiting experts in the Information Technology and Engineering fields. Standards of Performance: We have a passion for excellence, We know our customers, We know how to find solutions.


Our entire Team is committed to finding the right talent who will take the assignment, show up, stay and perform well. Standards of Performance: Your issue is owned by our Team, We work hard to find the right solution. We will communicate with you upfront and throughout the process.


All Globalpundits associates demonstrate a cooperative and coordinated effort to attract, recruit, engage, support and retain critical technical talent to add great value to our clients. Standards of Performance: We strive to be Experts, Together we bring significant expertise, We take good care of our entire team so they can focus on your needs.


Globalpundits associates clearly understand that we serve three groups; our clients, our employees and our teammates. Our focus is providing quality experience to all three groups. Finding the best solution within the time expected. Standards of Performance: Communicate expectations, inform impacted of next steps, find solutions that work.